About us

The  MBSP is a company specialized in organizational and personal development programs, that offers training, coaching, organizational assessment, recruitment, consulting in accessing structural funds, image consulting, political marketing, events organizing, sales force outsourcing services.

Organizational beliefs

The organizations have their own resources, regenerating for any type of market and context. *The organizations have the capacity to accomplish the balance between the company’s objectives and the development need of the human resource;
* The human beings have more resources than can be shown in a given context;
* An employee is better when his/her passion meets the company’s objective;

MBSP Mission

In compliance with our organizational beliefs we consider that our mission is to be Support and, therefore, Value for our partners. MBSP, within all its professional activities, builds at the highest standards Competence, Trust, Respect.

Necessary elements for a lasting business, no matter the economical context or business profile.


1. Training: For any successful company, the turnover/profit represents the essential objective, the no.1 priority. In time, the training became necessity, representing an investment in people, investment that will be revealed in the end in the financial results of the company.

Improving the employees’ performances, increasing the efficiency, a better communication, motivation and team spirit are aspects that have a major role in reaching success and gaining

2. The business sector was and will always be defined by competitiveness and the global financial crisis brings an extra pressure. In order to keep up with the progress and to develop the value and potential, the companies use coaching programs.

The COACHING represents a synthesis of different principles, methods, theories and success techniques, taken from psychology, management, personal development and performance in sport. The main purpose of coaching is the fulfilment of each individual on multiple levels (professional, financial, emotional, spiritual etc) by defining some clear objectives and finding best ways to reach them.

3. The organizational assessment represents an important instrument necessary to diagnose an organization, to identify problem functionalities but also ways to make the activity more efficient. The organizational assessment considers aspects like company image, internal and external communication, conflicts management.

4. A company’s success depends in a great extent by the staff recruitment and selection. Executed in a professional way, they represent an investment for your company. Therefore, our experts have both the resources and the necessary knowledge to give you the most suitable candidates. Our objective is to obtain excellent results both for employer and for employee.

5. Event organizing. The organization’s image matters. That’s why public relations campaigns and events communication are very important aspects. Our experts can provide for you various and customized ideas in order to organize events like: seminars, conferences, premises inauguration, exhibits, fairs etc. Our experience in this field is a guaranty for exceptional events that will certainly match your expectations’ level.

6. Outsourcing sales force: Through the team of experts with experience in marketing and sales, our clients benefit of packages special designed in order to significantly increase sales and profit.

The services our company provides are adjusted and customized for your organization’s needs. The training programs, as well as the individual and/or organizational assessment have international certification, being used in 42 countries and our partners, leaders at international level are a guaranty for our services’ quality.

7. Legal advice: provides legal advice, assistance and representation in court to the highest standards in all areas of law.


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